A tragedy narrowly avoided in India: the engine of a plane catches fire, the device manages to land safely (video)

Passengers on the low-cost airline SpiceJet aircraft were evacuated after the pilot turned around to land in Patna shortly after takeoff.

“The flight returned to Patna airport after residents noticed a fire on the left wing of the plane and informed airport officials,” the district magistrate told reporters. Chandrashekhar Singh.

“All 185 passengers were safely evacuated. The reason for the fire is a technical problem. The engineering team is analyzing it,” Singh added.

A passenger told the press that there was a lot of noise on the plane in the 15 minutes after takeoff.

“The pilot announced that there was a problem and that we had to go back to Patna… It was quite scary,” said a passenger.

According to NDTV, citing airline sources, a bird started the engine fire.

The airline had recently made headlines, the air authorities having fined it one million rupees (12,200 euros) for having trained its Boeing 737 Max pilots on a faulty simulator.

In April, authorities banned 90 SpiceJet pilots from flying the Max aircraft, saying they had not been properly trained, according to local media.

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