A TPMP columnist once in a relationship with an iconic Secret Story figure, she swings

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While Valérie Bénaïm explained herself after having cracked live on the plateau of Touche not at my Post, it is today a funny news that we learn about another columnist of the famous talk- show of C8. Guillaume Genton, who is known to be very discreet about his personal life even if he does not hide his attraction to women, was in a relationship with an emblematic candidate of Secret Story that you inevitably know since it is Cindy Lopes. The young woman who was revealed in season 3 of the show TF1 has indeed made sacred confidences that nobody expected.

During its passage in The Luxury Moment, Cindy Lopes said: “He’s the smartest of the TPMP gang. He’s the smartest of them all (…) He’s a very nice gentleman and a very handsome boy. When we were together, he didn’t know. was not embarrassed with all his friends to say it! “ before adding: “We saw each other again on the set of Secret Story, in the show’s parking lot. He’s a hell of a hot bunny! ”

He was younger than me.

This is not the first time that the sultry blonde evokes her romance with Guillaume. In an old interview with Gossip Room, Cindy had already confided: “Indeed, I had a relationship with a columnist for TPMP. He was younger than me and I found that the guy had the face of an angel, an innocence in the eyes which was not revealed at all afterwards. This chronicler is Guillaume Genton “. For his part, the main concerned had also mentioned this relationship on October 7 in TPMP : “I had a story a few years ago with … I think you know her”, he had said on the set without mentioning the name of Cindy Lopes. A romance of 6 months which obviously left him with a nice memory. Still on Touche’s set, not at my post, Coumba revealed that she was at its worst after being insulted and threatened.

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