A telescope for Father’s Day? The eQuinox eVscope is enjoying a crazy promotion this week

If you’re looking for some serious stargazing gear or want to invest in the Father’s Day gift of a lifetime, you can now save £500 on Unistellar’s eQuinox eVscope when you buy it. buy on the manufacturer’s website.

The €500 discount is huge and is available until June 20. It’s even more impressive to know that this reduction applies to one of the best telescopes on the market today. Indeed, the Unistellar eVscope eQuinox telescope has many features that make it stand out, and although it is a rather expensive model, you get what you pay for. Light pollution reduction features, on-board computer with storage for space missions, multi-device connection for social observing and an app with over 5,000 objects in its catalog mean there’s plenty to explore .

A powerful telescope boosted by smart software

This telescope is known for its portability and lightness, which makes it an interesting model for star hunters. Like any telescope, the Equinox eVscope is particularly suitable and efficient for observation beyond the solar system. A storage capacity of 64 GB, an app with over 5,000 night sky targets to view and software to enable social observing with peers are just a few examples. It also comes with a motorized Alt-AZ mount for extremely easy and precise tracking.

When it comes to viewing power, this model packs a punch. It has an optical magnification of 50x and a digital magnification of up to 400x. The focal length is 450mm, which means you’ll get crystal-clear views of the faintest deep-sky objects, and you can share that observing experience with loved ones.

And advice to amateurs: what makes the greatest strength of this model is its Improved Vision, a patented technology that allows the observation of weakly luminous objects thanks to live accumulation. Combined with Automatic Field Recognition (allowing it to locate itself 100% autonomously in the sky), these specific features make the eVscope the most powerful and easiest-to-use telescope on the market!

Obviously this telescope is an investment, but it is serious astronomy equipment. So if you’re looking to pick up a high-end computerized telescope, use code SPACEDAD at checkout to save $500 and give your dad a gift he’ll remember.

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