A teacher from the "star Academy" makes Gregory Lemarchal’s parents uncomfortable with an embarrassing comparison!

This is called getting your feet wet… Remember, on November 6, Grégory Lemarchal’s parents went to the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys to meet the new students of the “Star Academy”. A visit had pleased the academicians, but also the teaching staff of this edition… To be started by Adeline Toniutti.

The proof, the singing teacher hastened to address the parents of Grégory Lemarchal to say all the good things she thought of their late son: “It really means something to me to meet you. When I had the accident that robbed me of my voice, when I was at my lowest, I was listening to Write History and your son gave me strength. I put him on the same level as Freddie Mercury. Grégory is in my heart, his soul is strong and he is there with us in his music”she then confided.

Confidences and a comparison that made the couple uncomfortable… Indeed, like our colleagues from Gala indicate in their pages, Pierre and Laurence Lemarchal did not really know how to react to this demonstration of affection. ” Modest, but grateful, Laurence and Pierre leave without knowing what to do with this comparison that is too big for them.can we read in the magazine of our colleagues… A great moment of embarrassment!

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