A Swissair plane was forced to make an emergency U-turn because of a “disturbing” smell: it was … dirty socks!

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On November 7, a plane of the airline Swiss International Airlines which took off from London for Zurich was forced to turn around after barely ten minutes of flight because of a suspicious odor.

Not knowing where this smell came from, the pilots, for safety, preferred to turn back and return to London. After investigating the aircraft, it turned out that the smell actually came from… dirty socks that were on board, we read in the columns of the Dauphiné.

The problem is that the passengers on this flight were forced to wait until the next day to be able to catch a plane back to Zurich. They therefore asked Swiss Air for compensation, but the company refused because it was “exceptional circumstances” and the U-turn was inevitable. Indeed, the law forces companies to compensate passengers only when the inconvenience could have been avoided by the company itself.

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The airline did not provide further information on the provenance of these dirty socks.

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