A surreal accident in full live: Benjamin Castaldi leaves the set urgently in TPMP!

This is called running out of pot! While Benjamin Castaldi joined the bench of columnists this Wednesday, November 23, 2022, after having hosted “Touche pas à mon poste” the day before, Cyril Hanouna learned very bad news from the latter!

During the first part of the daily C8 show, the host indeed announced to Simon Castaldi’s father that his scooter had just been the victim of an accident… Revelations that preceded a few moments of floating on set . And for good reason, Benjamin Castaldi and the columnists around the table first thought it was a joke!

Surprised, the former presenter ended up leaving the set live to see what had happened… And unfortunately for him, a truck had indeed hit his two-wheeler!

“He told me ‘I haven’t seen the scooter’, I was parked very well, I have a show to do! », exclaimed Benjamin Castaldi, returning to his chair on set! Surprised that Benjamin Castaldi did not even make a statement with the driver, the latter concluded as follows: “Anyway, my life is a piece of crap, I eat a little piece of it every day”. Ah… The joys of live!

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