A sunny weekend before the mercury climbs back towards 30 degrees: here’s the weather forecast for your area

Then, cumuliform clouds will develop over the north of the country except at the coast where the weather will remain sunny. The conditions will also remain sunnier south of the Sambre and Meuse furrow, said the Royal Meteorological Institute on Saturday.

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In the late afternoon and evening, the cumuliform clouds will dissipate and the weather will then become sunny everywhere. The maxima will be around 18 or 19 degrees in Upper Belgium, 20 or 21 degrees at the coast, and will be around 23 degrees in the center.

The wind will be weak to moderate from north to northeast; it will generally be moderate on the coast and on the relief of the Ardennes.

This evening

Tonight and tonight, the sky will be partly cloudy with only a few high sails. The lows will be between 8 and 13 degrees, with generally light winds. At the sea as well as on the heights of the Ardennes, the wind will always be rather moderate.


On Sunday, the weather will be dry and sunny with possibly a few veils of high clouds. The maxima will vary from 20 degrees in the upper Ardennes to 26 degrees in Belgian Lorraine. The wind will be light to generally moderate.

The following days, this sunny weather will persist. It will gradually get warmer with, from Tuesday, temperatures approaching and then exceeding 30 degrees.

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