A Sunday between gray and cloudy: here is the weather forecast region by region

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Some clearings will temporarily clear their way among the clouds, before the arrival of a few showers. Their alternation will last throughout the day. The maximums will vary between 5ºC on the heights of the Ardennes and 10ºC on the Coast.

Next night, the weather will turn dry everywhere and the sky will clear over the northwestern half of the country. On the south-eastern half, large clearings will also be present, but the cloudy fields will soon regain territory. The minima will be between -3 and 1ºC in the Ardennes, where patches of frost or ice may form in places, around 6ºC at sea and between 1 and 3ºC in other regions.

Monday, the day will start under the sun in the northwest of the country. In the south-east and partially also in the center, the sky will initially be very cloudy with even fog in the Hautes Fagnes. Then, clearings will also develop there gradually, except in Haute Ardenne where the cloudiness will remain abundant with a risk of light rains. With a sustained north-easterly wind, it will be noticeably colder with maximums of 2ºC in the Hautes Fagnes, 6ºC in the center, and up to 8ºC at the Coast.

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