“A Star Is Born”: The Real Story Behind The Musical Drama

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga prove their musical and acting talent in “A Star Is Born”. Is there a real story behind the drama?

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With the musician drama “A Star Is Born”, pop icon Lady Gaga not only made the leap into acting, but also landed a Hollywood hit. At the Oscars 2019, the film won the golden boy for the best song with the poignant duet “Shallow”, but it also hailed nominations and awards at other well-known awards. At the side of Bradley Cooper, who celebrates his directorial debut here, Lady Gaga embodies the young Ally Campana. The alcoholic country rocker Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) discovers musical talent, but not only helps Ally achieve her breakthrough as a mentor, but also falls in love with her – undoubtedly material for a modern fairy tale. Here you can find out whether the tearful drama has a real background and which musician biopics you shouldn’t miss.

“A Star Is Born”: Is there a real event behind the story?

While the Oscar-winning drama may seem like a fact-based biopic, it isn’t based on a true story. But parallels can be found with Lady Gaga’s life and career. As shown in the film, the musician also failed in real life because of the common ideals of beauty. For example, the pop star is the author of songs like “Quicksand” by Britney Spears or “Elevator” by the Pussycat Dolls – works that were passed on to supposedly more attractive artists. Gaga’s entry into the music business also has another similarity to the emotional Oscar drama: Ally is discovered by Jackson in a gay bar. The first appearances of the pop bird of paradise also took place in similar places in real life, with which the extroverted artist quickly made a name for herself in the New York scene.

In addition, “A Star Is Born” is also characterized by real emotions and has a sad background, especially in the intense final scene. In this concise finale, Gaga sings the heartbreaking love song “I’ll Never Love Again”, which in all its intensity sums up the artistic drive of the female film character. Before the start of filming the emotional scene, Lady Gaga received the sad news that Sonja Durham had succumbed to cancer. Durham was not only the managing director of Haus of Gaga – the creative team behind the artist, which owes its name to the German Bauhaus art era – but also a close friend of the musician. Lady Gaga had long been concerned with her friend’s illness, as she dedicated the song “Grigio Girls” to her. The song is about the singer sitting with her girls, drinking wine and worrying about her friend.

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“A Star Is Born”: Not the first remake of the supposed biopic

In fact, “A Star Is Born” is not a new story. Bradley Cooper’s directorial work is now the third remake of the fictional musician drama. The original film was released in 1937, and in 1954 Judy Garland and James Mason breathed new life into the story with “A New Star in the Sky”. And in 1976, Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson were honored as an unequal couple. So it’s no wonder that with this long history, the new edition repeatedly raises the question of whether it is based on true events. As Republicworld discusses, the original from the 30s is based on the life of silent movie star Colleen Moore, but rumors about other true backgrounds are also making the rounds. A real story about “A Star Is Born” has not yet been confirmed.

“A Star Is Born”: Realistic concert atmosphere

The fact that Cooper’s remake poses the question of the real background to “A Star Is Born” is probably also due to the meticulousness with which the actor realized his directing ambitions. Not only does the love story with all its dramatic facets seem to have been taken from the glamorous life of a musician, the filmmaker also relied on realistic portrayals for the concert scenes. In fact, the director and his film crew got the unique opportunity to film at a couple of legendary festivals. The music and art event in Coachella, California, and the venerable English Glastonbury Festival mainly serve as the backdrop for the rousing quasi-biopic. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were even able to present their film songs in front of a real live audience – and thus capture a realistic concert atmosphere on celluloid.

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