A Star Is Born: The Poignant Story of Lady Gaga Behind the Final Scene

[Attention, cet article contient des spoilers] In the final sequence of “A Star Is Born”, Lady Gaga delivers a poignant performance on stage. A conclusion marked by pain and mourning, shot shortly after the death of a close friend of the singer and actress.

A Star Is Born : same story, different notes

After William A. Wellman, George Cukor and Frank Pierson, Bradley Cooper delivers his version ofA star Is Born in 2018 with A Star Is Born. In his first production, the comedian lends his features to Jackson Maine, alcoholic and drug addict country star. One evening, after a show, the singer goes to a bar where he attends a performance by Ally Campana, played by Lady Gaga.

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Conquered, he offers her a drink and they stay together all night, discussing the music, their ambitions, their complexes and their failures. The next day, Jackson offers Ally to join him at his next concert, then take the stage next to him to perform an improvised piece a few hours earlier. At first reluctant, she ended up accepting. A decision that marks the beginning of his celebrity, and their love story.

A Star Is Born © Warner Bros. Pictures

Andrew Dice Clay, Sam Elliott, Anthony Ramos and Dave Chappelle round out the cast of the award-winning feature film Oscar for Best Original Song for Shallow. The film is like a challenge for its two headliners. In addition to trying his hand at directing, Bradley Cooper developed his talent for song. His partner wants to record the musical passages live, without playback, in order to obtain more authenticity. After a major role in the series American Horror Story, as well as appearances in Sin City: I killed for her and Machete Kills, Lady Gaga perfect for her acting game with the character of Ally.

Part of the truth

The star revealed by the headlines Bad Romance and Poker Face can draw on her experience for this since she shares several common points with the artist she interprets. Like her, she started out in bars alongside her work as a waitress, but in New York and not in Los Angeles. And like her, she takes comments about her physique. Asked by The morning in 2018, she confided:

I was advised to have my nose touched up before my first single. I refused, I am proud of my Italian origins and of my nose. I didn’t always like my appearance but I learned to accept and embrace my differences to make them strengths. I would even say I’m pretty annoying because when I was asked to be sexy I wanted an opposite look. (Laughs)

A Star Is Born
A Star Is Born © Warner Bros. Pictures

Like Jackson Maine, Bradley Cooper struggles for several years against his addictions. In his twenties, when he notably gives the reply to Jennifer Garner in Alias, the actor is going through a particularly complicated period. In September 2012, he openly broached the subject with The Hollywood Reporter by declaring to be sober since the age of 29, before adding about his excesses:

I was very concerned about what people thought of me, how I was going to get out of it. I always felt different. I was living in my head, I realized I couldn’t make a living from my talent, it scared me.

An interpretation marked by mourning

Unlike Bradley Cooper, Jackson Maine fails to break free from his addictions in A Star Is Born. In the final part of the drama, the musician plunges again. He ends his life in a scene that echoes one of his childhood traumas mentioned earlier. The feature film ends with a final tribute from his companion, who appears on stage for the first time as Ally Maine before performing the song. I’ll Never Love Again.

A sequence borrows froma real pain, since Lady Gaga turns it after the death of her friend Sonja Durham. On May 19, 2017, this close collaborator who inspired her with the title Grigio Girls on the album Joanne died of stage 4 cancer after years of fighting the disease.

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When she learns of her death, Lady Gaga leaves the set. Bradley Cooper offers to postpone the shots. But the singer refuses and resumes her work, believing that Sonja Durham would have wanted her to continue. She then asks the audience to help her with the poignant conclusion of the film. In the documentary The Road to Stardom: Making A Star Is Born, the actress remembers telling the extras:

If you could help me today, thinking not just about Sonja, but how it feels to lose someone, maybe thinking about her husband, for me. I think the energy will spread around the room, I think she will feel it.

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