"A slap in the face, I answer him", JoeyStarr returns to the complaint of a flight attendant and confesses

He has appeared more than once in the tabloid press … Between his eventful beginnings with his rap group NTM, then his tumultuous romantic relationships, JoeyStarr never misses an opportunity to be noticed. But it’s not all his fault.

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Aware of his mistakes and his excesses, the rapper today wants to make a clean sweep of the past. It is for this reason that he accepted a biopic titled Supremes, recounting his beginnings in the group. But before that, TMC offers this Friday, November 26 a new documentary on NTM, with the various protagonists present to testify. The moment to bring up the subject of the flight attendant and her complaint.

IN 1998, in a hotel in Montpellier, the members of the rap group found themselves facing several flight attendants. At this point, JoeyStarr then seems a good time to criticize this profession, “He must have said something like, ‘Ah hostesses, that’s more what it was. These are sausages! ‘“As a relative tells it in the documentary. Far from being delighted by the remark, one of the hostesses then gives him a slap. To which the rapper responds immediately. The young woman then complains.

A news which then scares the partners of the NTM concerts, and the show at the Stade de France is canceled. An unbearable situation for JoeyStarr who, a few years later, still does not understand “I take a slap in the face. I answer him and it’s me who pays!”. Finally aware of having slipped slightly, he still finds an excuse, “I think everyone is going wrong in their life. And I don’t want anyone to have that written in the newspaper the next day. “. An overflow of anger in his daily life, which JoeyStarr explains bluntly: “Me, my first record, when it came out, I was sleeping outside. I had no house, I was on the street, I had no one… So I had to do with the means at hand. All this to tell you that you have something inside that makes that when someone comes to talk to me badly, I have the impulse that goes up. I don’t regulate history. I bite my fingers for not knowing how to gauge the bullshit from afar. “

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