A school principal indicted for rape of 2 and 4 year old children: it was the parents who alerted the authorities

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The case dates back to the spring of this year 2021, reports France Bleu Béarn Bigorre. After several complaints from parents of students, an investigation was opened. At first, the director of a private, nursery and primary school in Jurançon (near Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques) was heard as an assisted witness and in recent days, reports the radio “This fifty-year-old was again heard by a judge who decided to indict her for “acts of sexual penetration and sexual touching on minors under 15 years old”».

According to France Bleu, “The investigators have testimonies of children reported by their parents who report “scalped penises” and “finger in the buttocks” when the students are in the toilet. Others evoke blows on the lower abdomen.».

Adding however: “According to our information, the answers given by these children are not necessarily consistent and not systematically the same before the parents and before the investigators.»

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And noting a case that would take place against a background of discord in the educational team. The methods of the director being, explains France Bleu: “considered by some to be too harsh both with children, but also with certain ATSEM (Specialized territorial agent for nursery schools)».

The director of the private school has been on sick leave since last April and she denies the allegations against her.

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