A robin named Patty, the review: a Christmas present from Aardman

The review of A Robin Named Patty, Aardman’s stop motion animated medium-length film, in catalog on Netflix since November 24th.

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A robin named Patty: a sequence

It is with one word in mind that we begin to write ours review of A robin named Patty: tradition. And there are two reasons why this happens: the first is linked to the Christmas holidays, to the atmosphere of the holidays for which the work is carried out, to the ritual of the tree that we see in the small film signed by Aardman Animations that gives warmth to the house targeted by the protagonists; the second, on the other hand, is precisely the approach to animation of the Bristol studio, so strongly linked to craftsmanship, to the traditional techniques of the expressive medium. Despite the parenthesis in CGI with Sony for The Son of Santa Claus, the studio founded by Peter Lord and David Sproxton has made stop-motion its soul, its workhorse.

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A robin named Patty: an image

A technique that is also proposed for A robin named Patty, while passing from the claymation (the animation in step one using plasticine) which represented the basis of their work on a different material for the occasion. The characters of the new medium-length film distributed on Netflix from November 24 they are in fact made of felt: the robin protagonist Patty (Robin in the original language) is, the mice that are his family are, the other characters are so and most of the details that appear on stage.

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Patti and his family

A Robin Named Patty 6

A robin named Patty: an image of the short

A robin named Patty tells the story, needless to say, of the little bird that gives it the title, which we follow when it falls from the nest, still in its egg, and rolls away to be found by the family of mice that welcomes and grows it. And, of course, he teaches him to live as a mouse, to sneak into homes to steal food residues to feed himself. A skill that poor Patty proves not to master too much, and this ends up putting her in trouble and away from her family, but it also leads her to meet a magpie from which to learn and undertake a path of self-discovery, which will make her understand the importance of one’s nature as a robin.

The strength of individuality

A Robin Named Patty 5

A robin named Patty: a scene from the short

There is an important message at the basis of the story of the little bird protagonist of A Robin Named Patty, told to us by directors Dan Ojari and Mikey Please: the importance of individuality and the characteristics of individuals. A theme that is the leitmotif of so much animation that is aimed at younger audiences (it is present, albeit conjugated in a different way, even in the latest Disney effort, Encanto, distributed in theaters on the same day as A robin named Patty on Netflix) , but which is very important today, in a world where it becomes increasingly difficult to be yourself and accept yourself for what your characteristics, peculiarities and strengths are.

The warmth of tradition

A Robin Named Patty 3

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A robin named Patty: an image of the short

A message conveyed with the unique grace and sweetness of Aardman, through characters with adorable design, an animation that is excellence in the field of stop motion and the ambition to take care of every little detail of the story and the world in which it moves. This can be seen in the way the painting is rich, full of details to be glimpsed at every vision, photographed with elegance of light and shadow and attention to every corner of the scenography in which the protagonists move. You can breathe warmth in the images of the Aardman film, the warmth of the atmosphere that surrounds it, evoked by the Christmas setting, but also that of a craftsmanship to the animated medium, in which it is possible to perceive the touch of the animators, in the songs and in the voices. of the original voice actors, from Bronte Carmichael for the protagonist al villain feline portrayed by Gillian Anderson. Netflix and streaming platforms are precious in being able to make room for such productions, which would find little space outside the specialized circuits, and the addition to the catalog is a small early gift in view of Christmas. Don’t let it go unnoticed and find half an hour to enjoy it.


In summarizing the review of A Robin named Patty, we cannot fail to reiterate the technical excellence demonstrated by Aardman also in this new work, from the adorable felt models that animate it to the incredible attention to detail of the scenographies in which they move. There is all the warmth of Christmas and stop motion animation in the film available on Netflix, but also a fundamental message about the importance of individuality and one’s strengths, not to be overlooked in the world we live in.

Because we like it

  • The characters, adorable for their look and animation, from the protagonist Patty to the feline _villain_.
  • The general visual care, from the level of detail of the scenographies to the photography that enhances lights and shadows.
  • The warmth conveyed by history, both thanks to the Christmas atmosphere and to the touch of the animators.

What’s wrong

  • Half an hour passes quickly and we are left with the desire for more adventures of Patty and her family of mice.

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