A review of the sporting life of Icardi

We review the player’s football career, relating his sports stages with his romance with Wanda Nara.

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Elite footballers are rarely able to develop their entire sports career at a certain club. Only footballers who manage to create a special bond with the fans can do it; or proper names that have been formed in the lower categories and that decide to end up in the same place where their epic began. Today we want to review the career of a forward who could have made a career in one of the best training schools in football: the FC Barcelona. We speak conditionally, since this reality never materialized, and after a fleeting passage through the city of Barcelona, ​​he headed for Italy.

We refer to Mauro Icardi, player who currently plays in the Paris Saint Germain, and that, regardless of his love affairs, he is also a world-class soccer figure. His team changes and moves between clubs also find justification in his tortuous love life. The player has played in three elite teams, with a different performance in each of them. It should be noted that it is currently part of the PSG, where he shares a dressing room with some of the greatest figures in world football, such as Kylian Mbappé, Neymar o Lionel Messi. A dream forward that has caused the striker of Rosario is forced to play a secondary role.

The PSG is one of the clubs aspiring to win the next Champions League. Really, Icardi He chose a good team to improve his sports career, a winning entity, professional and with prospects for the future. Its international relevance can be seen in the analysis of the specialists and in the odds and promotional bonuses offered by the various bookmakers. Elements that help define the hegemony of a certain sports entity. But players are often ambitious and have a special winning mentality. Keep in mind that the player will turn 29 next February. He is in the prime of his sports career and perhaps his curious sentimental situation, a reality that we have followed in detail on our web portal, may cause a new change of scene. And the strongest rumors even suggest that the player could leave the French capital this same winter market. One of the clubs that most strongly aspires to take over its services is the Atlético de Madrid, an entity that has experienced exponential growth in recent years and that could fit perfectly with the player’s technical qualities.

The latest information regarding the romance between the footballer and Wanda Nara they suggest that both have reached an agreement. The reconciliation between the two seems a fact, and they wanted to make it public with a video in Dubai where you can see them happy again. Sometimes the best way to put aside the arguments and the toxicity that has prevailed in a couple is to also leave the place where it has been generated. And that new starting point between the two media figures could also lead to the signing that we have detailed. The winter market in Europe will open its doors in a couple of weeks, we will have to be aware of the information that reaches us from the city of love. But in order to understand the current situation of the player in terms of sports, it is necessary to also analyze his career.

Icardi was born in the city of Rosario on February 19, 1993. In a case similar to that of Lionel Messi, the current attacker of the PSG, settled in Spain at a very young age. He did it when he was only 9 years old. On Gran canaria began to come into contact with football in the lower categories of the Neighborhood Sports Union. A humble club based in the homonymous town. His performance was extraordinary, scoring a large number of goals and becoming one of the most outstanding figures of his generation. When the players manage to make such an outstanding hegemony explicit, the agents of the football clubs begin to initiate contacts with their environment. The main elite clubs set their sights on Icardi to try to take you to their respective training schools. As we mentioned earlier, it was finally the FC Barcelona who convinced the player. A very curious scenario and highly similar to the one he lived through Messi on Barcelona.

The player greatly improved his technique and tactics between 2008 and 2011, and everything suggested that the Argentine striker would make a career at the FC Barcelona and he would find his place in the first team. Ultimately, the player decided that he wanted to improve his sports training in a different league. And in January 2011 he left for Genoa on loan. It was in the Soccer Union Sampdoria where the player began to stand out as a goal specialist. And if you have followed the case of Icardi and Wanda Nara You will know that this is where their mediatic love relationship begins. Icardi coincided with Maxi Lopez in the locker room of the “Samp“And this is where he managed to get closer to the one who was his wife at that time. The Rosario was the team’s top scorer throughout the season and the Italian club decided to buy the player in property. The two years that the attacker played in The transalpine country were very profitable for his sports career. Especially in the 12-13 season, where he managed to score 10 goals in 31 games for a club that had just been promoted. His good performance caught the attention of one of the main clubs in the country. country: the Inter de Milan.

A change of city was also a propitious movement so that the two lovers could start a new path. In fact, Icardi disputed in Milan a total of six seasons, between 2013 and 2019. He added a lot of good individual performances, highlighting the 29 goals of the 2017-2018 season. 29 goals in 36 games, an average of 0.8 touchdowns per game. Precisely when the footballer was wearing the shirt “Nerazzurri“It is when he also materialized his marriage with Nara. They both said “yes, I want” in May 2014, eight months before their first daughter was born: Francesca.

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His professional growth caused the PSG be fixed on the Argentine as an important stone of his long-term project. Icardi He ended up joining the team in 2019, and this is his third season. In this new stage is when the relationship between the two seems to have become complicated again. With very strong accusations by the businesswoman towards the player of the Paris. As we have commented, it seems that the situation has stabilized. But everything indicates that this story will still offer us many interesting chapters. An inseparable sporting career from the most media sports soap opera in recent years.

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