A reality TV star in prison after threatening her ex with a gun?

It’s an incredible story, but true. Charles Vassal, former reality TV candidate revealed in the reality TV show “Les Ch’tis” on W9, is at the heart of a dark affair. The DJ had an appointment with the justice of La Rochelle Monday, November 15, 2021, according to information from “South West”.

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He was tried for death threats with a weapon against his ex Sarah. The facts would have taken place in November 2020. The young man was questioned about his gesture and defended himself thus: “I was in the evening at home, we quarreled by messages about our daughter, her addictions . I went to her house to chat. It went up in the towers. I took a gun to protect myself because she has stupid debts, I didn’t know who I was going to fall on. not someone mean “.

The complainant argues that Charles Vassal was ready to “kill” her. Also according to Sarah’s words, the former reality TV candidate was “completely stoned”. The young woman withdrew her complaint a few months later but the hearing was still maintained. Sarah did not attend. For his gesture, Charles Vassal risks a six-month suspended sentence. “The file is poor. There is no material or intentional element,” says the prosecutor. The verdict will be rendered on December 8.

One thing is certain: the relationship between Charles Vassal and his ex Sarah is not going to improve anytime soon. The ex-star of “Ch’tis” regularly uses social networks to settle accounts with his former companion. He notably shared his escort profile in his Instagram story. “I am feline, naughty, with sensual curves. (…) I will be happy to open the door to my delights”, we can read on the ad. Sarah would call herself Leah. “Here is the return of my ex on prostitution networks”, deplores Charles Vassal before concluding: “I wanted to make things clear about the person that is my ex. (…) I lived a lie, deception for more than 5 years. Today, the page is turned “.


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