A Quiet Place 3 has a defined director

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The third film in the universe created by John Krasinski begins its journey. What could happen to Emily Blunt and her potential feature film appearance was also revealed.

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John Krasinski starred in and directed the first film.
© IMDbJohn Krasinski starred in and directed the first film.

A Quiet Place It is one of the best-reviewed horror films in recent years. The first of the saga was launched in 2018 and soon caught the attention of lovers of the genre thanks to its risky bet: take a film to the cinema where there are large sections of the film in which no sounds are heard. The Oscars recognized the film with a nomination in the sound department and the good reviews gave confidence to Paramount to make a second tape.

The continuation of A Quiet Place arrived in 2020 and was also directed by John Krasinski, whose character had lost his life in the first one but returned for some flashback sequences that gave an account of what the alien invasion was like. Then he made the leap to what happened once his character died, with his family seeking help to get ahead and with the discovery of the second great weakness of aliens: they know nothing.

At the box office, the film made big numbers, with almost $ 300 million worldwide and this only strengthened the confidence of Paramount Studios, which had confirmed a third party and now seems to take a more defined course. Deadline confirmed that Michael Sarnoski will be in charge of carrying out this project and he was also hired to write it. In the note it is said that it is highly unlikely that Blunt y Krasinski come back for this film.

The reasons? It seems that the idea of ​​the study is to expand A Quiet Place in a universe and the third movie would not be a sequel but a spin-off. So far, there is no defined title for the film and no details related to the plot are known. Michael Bay will be one of the producers of this story that gives the franchise one more life. You can see the first part in Netflix and the second in Movistar Play.

Who is Sarnoski, the new director of A quiet place

Sarnoski came to replace the original director of the third part, Jeff Nichols, who stepped aside in October. The director was responsible for one of the most talked about films of 2021 that featured Nicolas cage in its cast, Pig. The story centers on a man with a hermit life who lives with his pet, a coveted truffle pig, who helps him search for this valuable edible. When his animal is stolen, the protagonist will do anything to get it back, unearthing a past that he seemed not to want to remember. People say that Cage could receive a nomination for work on the film.

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