A professor from a University of Brest treats his students as “almost morons” and fully assumes: “The students do not want to work”

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For Professor Erwan Le Cornec, the problem is not what he wrote about his students but their level. He confides in an interview with the newspaper ‘the Telegram’ and returns to the strong words he had towards these students.

What ignited the powder within this university is that the email that Erwan wrote was leaked. How? ‘Or’ What ? He does not know, he nevertheless thinks that “someone wanted to discredit me in the eyes of the presidency, which already considers that I open it a little too much, because I am already the subject of disciplinary proceedings for having denounced massive fraud during remote exams. “

In other words, he had revealed that students were cheating during exam sessions that took place during the pandemic. Which annoyed him. And this also explains, in part at least, the virulent tone he adopted towards his students by openly treating them as “almost morons” in an email. But these words, he assumes them completely: “The level is catastrophic. Moreover, if the students manage to defraud, it is because they do not want to work. And if they don’t want to work, it’s because they don’t understand. “

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He speaks of a “mediocracy that goes way back in the apprenticeship system” and questions decisions about his university’s curriculum.

For the consequences of this affair, he is not afraid: “I will very probably be summoned to a disciplinary council soon, but I am not afraid. I’m already taking it all in the face ”. Indeed, since this prank, he has received death threats …

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