A participant of "The Argentine Voice" She was compared to a singer and Twitter did not forgive her: the best memes

“The Argentine Voice” continues with the battles, so there is a lot of tension in the studio at the moment that one advances in the competition and another is left out. For this reason, jurors usually think calmly about their decision and express sadness at the departure of a singer.

During Thursday’s broadcast, the team’s battle of Mau and Ricky had an impact on social networks. Nevertheless, It had nothing to do with the talent shown by Sabrina Carbonel and Daiana Carrizo above the stage. During the clip prior to her performance, the second mentioned did a comparison play that did not go down well on Twitter.

While listening to the return of Manuel Turizo Y Mau and Ricky, Diana Carrizo She was happy with the relationship she had with her now former classmate “The Argentine Voice”. “It’s as if she were a María Becerra and I a Camila Cabello”sentenced in the program that leads Marley.

Of course, the viewers did not miss the opportunity to mention what the young woman said. Different memes appeared instantly and questioned her words, although she was finally chosen by the duo to continue in the Telefe competition.

It should be remembered that there was a certain stir around Daiana Carrizo after his successful blind audition. Within hours of her appearance, a Twitter user made a story of what she would have lived with the participant of ” The Argentine Voicealthough she did not join the crossed statements.

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