A participant of "The Argentine Voice" he began to cry during the coaching of Lali Esposito: "i’m messing it up"

the battles in The Argentine Voice have begun and the participants of the singing contest are feeling the pressure before the new challenges that arise.

Sophia Brownfrom the team of Lali Espositobroke down in tears during coaching with the “N5” singer and Álex Ubago prior to his battle against Angela Navarro.

The participants of Team Lali had to interpret “Girl on Fire”but Sofia felt very bad and cried because of her performance. “Sorry, I’m ruining this moment“, Said the young woman, very distressed.

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“La Voz Argentina”: Sofia Brown broke down in tears.

Lali, with quick reflexes, consoled her by telling her that she had a very good voice, and that she wasn’t ruining anything. “Lali and Álex are geniuses. I couldn’t get into the harmonies, they cost me a lot and it was quite a moment”Sofia indicated.

“She is a divine Lali. She hugged me and held me back. But it cost me. I think it cost me to get out of here, out of my head, and just be there and take advantage of everything, that is proving to be a challenge for me“, he expressed.

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