A participant of "Big Brother 2022" could join "gender": the details

It is clear that Big Brother 2022″ can be a great springboard for participants of the current edition. To the usual work tools of previous editions, the variable of social networks opened a new world for new celebrities to generate income. Although successful cases such as that of Lucilain the last hours new experiences were revealed.

The truth is that those expelled from the house of “GH” They take advantage of the moment to gain presence in nightclubs. According to what he mentioned the pavada of Daily Chroniclea clear case is that of Martina and Juan, who are in Punta del Este with full payment thanks to its reach after passing through the Telefe reality show. On the other hand, there is great expectation with the couple of the moment.

Rabbit was removed from ” Big Brother” and had his emotional reunion with Coti, for which there was a lot of repercussion on social networks. They asked the couple to stay in Buenos Aires, despite the fact that she is from Corrientes and he is from Córdoba. Regarding Alexis, the production of the program is going to pay him a week in a hotel to take advantage of it and have it in different cycles. On his side, to Coti of ” Big Brother” They will make her come from Berazategui, since she was at an aunt’s house.

It is clear that all those who go out have the summer with more work. And some of them could be added to one of the “Sex”. if they fix with Jose Maria Muscari for one of the three parallel casts that work in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata and Villa Carlos Paz, of course. Juliana from “Big Brother” makes her economic difference in Córdoba and it even appeared as a possibility to join a Telefe program.

José María Muscari could hire a former “Big Brother”.

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