A participant from "MasterChef Celebrity 3" aimed against "Bake Off 2021" for their criticism: "No one will know who they are"

” MasterChef Celebrity 3″ got off to a great start in rating measurements and their development. There has already been the first eliminated on the list of celebrities and the rest seek to stay on their way. However, a series of criticisms struck the cast and accused them of being boring.

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During the last hours, Kalia and Ximena from “Bake Off 2021” attacked the new season of the kitchen reality show and they criticized the participants. “My colleagues say that it is boring, they do not interact and basically we say it for Betular because we do not know the other jurors”they explained with some discomfort.

As expected, the answer came from one of the participants in the Telefe competition. During a broadcast of “Mitre Live”, Juan Etchegoyen revealed that he received a message from one of the celebrities who is still in the race. In any case, he chose not to reveal the identity of that person for what was left in an anonymous statement.

“It’s a shame they don’t use the fame the show gave them to say more constructive things. You may or may not like the program but disrespect as some did not seem to us. The truth is crazy what they said and we are angry, detailed one of the celebrities who is cooking in the competition.

Finally, he added: “Tomorrow no one is going to know who they are“. It is evident that the fight between the two Telefe cycles is not over yet, especially because it is the pastry chefs’ turn to speak. The truth is that there were no new former participants of the program he was conducting Paula Chaves who have spoken, although Kalia is believed to respond.

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