A number of students from a discredited student club may not be able to continue their studies at KU Leuven

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A number of students involved in the disciplinary procedure of KU Leuven are not allowed to continue their studies at KU Leuven. This is evident from a personal message from the thirteen students, which was sent to the media via their counselor Jan Temmerman on Thursday evening. On Friday, the students will make a final decision whether or not to appeal against the imposed sanctions, but in their message they already write that they “accept” them.

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In the message, the thirteen young people of the regional student club South-East Flemish (ZOV) express their regret. “During the baptism ritual a dangerous situation occurred for one of our members. We are first of all grateful and relieved that we were able to call in the necessary medical attention in time. We are all aware that this should not have come to this. That was a failure towards our members, our parents and the university, and we are sorry for that.”

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“We understand and accept that KU Leuven will impose a punishment on us for this”, the students continue. “For some of us, this means that they cannot continue their current studies at the institution concerned. That is very heavy. The events and aftermath of baptism are a hard life lesson for all of us that will stay with us for a long time.”

It is currently unclear how many of the thirteen students will have to discontinue their studies. The public prosecutor of East Flanders announced on Thursday that the students will not be prosecuted because insufficient evidence has emerged during the investigation.

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