“A nightmare”, Elizabeth Hurley never forgot this shoot with Matthew Perry

In an interview for Yahoo Entertainment, the 57-year-old actress returned to the filming of the film “In the service of Sara”, released in 2002, in which she gave the reply to Matthew Perry. According to her, working with the famous “Friends” actor was a “real nightmare” at the time. In question? Filming had to be abruptly halted for two months due to the star’s addiction issues.

While Matthew Perry has just published his book “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing”, in which he confides a lot about his career and his addictions, actress Elizabeth Hurley has also decided to tell her memories with the famous actor of “Friends”. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, the 57-year-old actress raved about Matthew Perry, whom she worked with in 2002. “He’s a very funny writer, just like he’s a very funny actor. . Matthew is an extremely talented comedian, the way he plays with words is fantastic,” she told the outlet.

“I have fond memories of him. But to be honest, working with him on the film ‘In the service of Sara’ in 2002 was a real nightmare”, recognized Elizabeth Hurley. “At the time, filming had to be interrupted because of his addictions. It was truly an exceptional situation, but in the end, for two months, we were all at home twiddling our thumbs.” The actress then added: “It was really hard to work with him, but he was always so kind and caring. You could see he was in real pain.”

The two actors in the film “In the service of Sara” © AP

In his book “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing”, Matthew Perry also returns to the complicated filming of the film “In the service of Sara”. “The producer was so angry. I ruined his movie. Elizabeth Hurley, my co-star, was also very angry. She never had a role in the cinema again after that”, he explains. “The movie was shot in Dallas. At the time, I was also shooting in ‘Friends’, so I had a double workload. I was going back and forth in a private jet drinking vodka from a bottle of water,” recalls the 53-year-old actor, now sober and cured of his drug addiction.


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