A new immersive coworking space opens its doors in Montparnasse

By Margot H. Posted Nov 16, 2022 12:53 PM

Wojo Montparnasse is the brand new coworking space that has just opened in Paris. At the very heart of the Montparnasse district in the 14th arrondissement, the place invites you to teleport through the ages with its decoration inspired by the history of the district.

More 13,000 m² of space, 1,600 workstations and around forty meeting rooms: this is the promise of Wojo Montparnasse, the latest coworking space that has just opened in the neighborhood. With a “feel good” decoration, an invitation to travel awaits you now at 82 avenue du Maine.

At Wojo Montparnasse, we promise you a teleportation simple, fast and immediate as soon as you enter the coworking space. With Studio Azimut at the helm, each of the rooms has been decorated to tell the story of the Montparnasse district over the centuries. From the 17th century, when the students named the district in reference to the Mount Parnassus Greek to the latest transformations of the district, in particular the opening of the brand new shopping center of Gaite Workshops in 2022, you cross the ages by going from room to room.

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The coworking space immerses you in a punchy, cheerful and colorful atmosphere directly within the Ateliers Gaité. On the catering side, the Time Capsule Café offers hot drinks and cold, snacks and snacks, to gain strength while working. Moreover, a rest room is even offered to those who express the need to take a break from their working day.

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