A new heat wave expected in Belgium: almost the entire country placed on alert by the MRI

Over the next few days, a broad area of ​​high pressure, initially centered over the British Isles, will slowly expand into southern Scandinavia.

It will be the source of gradually continental currents, warmer and warmer, in our regions. From this Sunday, the maxima will already reach or exceed 25 degrees in many places. The rise in temperatures will then continue with maximums exceeding the 30 degree mark in most regions in the middle of the week.

At the end of the week and/or the weekend, they could even approach, or even locally exceed, 35 degrees. However, during the first part of the week, a north to northeast breeze will keep the weather cooler on the coast.

“Given these forecasts, the probability of a heat wave beginning this Sunday or Monday (depending on the region) is very high for the interior of the land, and leads us to issue a yellow level warning there”, indicates MRI.

This wave could extend beyond the next weekend. Following the highs of more than 32 degrees in sight for the weekend, the warning level is orange from Wednesday for the interior of the country. It will be necessary to take the necessary measures to limit the impacts linked to this new period of high heat.

This warning may be reviewed as the situation evolves.

This evening

This evening, the cumuliform clouds will disappear, in favor of a cloudy sky tonight with only a few high sails. The minima will vary between 6 degrees in Upper Belgium and 12 degrees in the big cities. In some Ardennes valleys, temperatures may dip a few more degrees to reach slightly positive values. The wind will be weak and in the Ardennes generally moderate from the northeast.


Sunday will be sunny with the possibility of a few high clouds. The maxima will oscillate between 20 or 21 degrees in the Hautes Fagnes and at the sea, and 25 or 26 degrees in the center. In Gaume, we can possibly raise 27 degrees. The wind will be light to moderate at times from the north or north-northeast; at sea and on the Ardennes relief, it will often be moderate.

Sunday evening and the night of Sunday to Monday, the sky will be clear except for a few high clouds. Lows will range from 9 to 14 degrees or locally less. The wind will generally be weak from north to northeast.


On Monday, the weather will be sunny with, during the day, the possibility of a few cloudy fields in the north of the country. The maximum will be around 23 or 24 degrees on the heights of the Ardennes, between 25 and 27 degrees in the center and could be around 28 degrees in Belgian Lorraine. The wind will be moderate from north to northeast and will prevent temperatures from exceeding 22 degrees at the coast.

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