A new complaint for moral conduct in a Ghent café in the Overpoort

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A new complaint has been lodged for moral acts which occurred in a café in the student district Overpoort in Ghent, according to information disseminated by several media and confirmed by the local police.

On the night of Monday to Tuesday, a young woman reported to the staff of the Pallieter café that a man had accosted and stroked her. Police confirmed that a complaint had been lodged, without giving further details. According to the manager of the bar, the police were quickly informed of the facts and quickly went to the scene.

This is the fourth suspected case of sexual assault or rape in a few weeks in this student district of Ghent. A few hundred people also demonstrated a fortnight ago to demand more security in the festive districts of the city. The Ghent municipal council has decided to organize systematic consultations on the issue of sexual assault in the nightlife environment.

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