A moving message from parents to their 6-year-old son: “Never stop wearing pink things”

The topic of conversation in social networksAt this time, it is the gesture that some parents, who live in Spain, had with their 6-year-old son. They wrote a moving message in his diary. If you want to know what words they used to excite the users and surely the minor, this is the ideal note for you.

First of all, we inform you that the person who made the detail known was Alex Leiras, the child’s teacher. He took a photo of what the parents wrote and then shared the image on his account. Twitter (), exactly on October 27 of this year.

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“I have found this note in the agenda of one of my 1st grade students. The boy is 6 years old “, it reads at the beginning of the description of your publication. “Seeing this makes me think that in the midst of so much hatred, there are always people who choose love and respect above all else and pass it on to their children. So, yes “added the teacher.


According to the snapshot, the parents encouraged the little one to be as he is, making it clear that he should not care what the rest think: “Never stop wearing pink things, painting your nails and / or wearing dresses because someone doesn’t like it. We love you and we will love you just as you are “.

This is the message that some parents wrote to their 6-year-old son. (Photo: @ AlexLeiras83 / Twitter)

Many Internet users, reading every word of the parents, were moved and stressed that these parents should be an example for others. The photo released by the teacher is already circulating on various social networks.

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