A month and a half after the terrible accident which cost the lives of 3 people, it is still the shock to Jurbise: “The holidays were not easy”

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A terrible accident occurred during the night of November 20 to 21, road from Ath to Jurbise. A car ended its race against an electric pole which was literally cut in half as a result of the violence of the shock. On board the vehicle: Yannick, his partner whom everyone called Leïla, and David. They all three lost their lives. The shock was very violent. Residents first tried to intervene but they were unable to do anything. Help then arrived, but it was already too late.

This tragedy caused a stir, especially as the victims all three had children. Today, a month and a half after the accident, the emotion is still present. Relatives of Yannick, 40 years old and father of two boys, remain upset. “The end-of-year celebrations were not easy,” admits Johan, one of Yannick’s friends …

>> Johan book a poignant testimony.

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>> The emotion is always palpable to Jurbise: “We often think about it …”

>> Relatives of the victims ask for answers.

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