“A miracle”, “Phew”: the Belgian press reiterates its doubts after the “not reassuring victory” of the Devils

Recently regretted by Thomas Meunier, the “negativity” of the Belgian press is set to continue. At least for a few days. Wednesday, for their entry into the running in the World Cup, the Devils had a right of reply. In the field, the best place possible. They didn’t use it. Doubts and concerns are still anchored. More than ever. Newspaper.

The Devils won. Thibaut Courtois saved them. Onana stood out. And Hazard woke up (a little). That’s for the positives. The list of hassles is much longer.

“Belgium started its World Cup by entering the hard”, summarizes clearly The evening who insists on the poor performance of the Devils in the first period. “We could legitimately wonder if they were aware that their World Cup had started (…) Literally tackled to their rectangle once in possession of the ball, Roberto Martinez’s men had their feet full.”

For the last hour, the Belgian victory is akin to a “Whew” of relief plastered on the front page. According to the daily, the Devils were “as bad as the Zambian referee”. “The Devils have not only complied with the laws of Qatar, they have also adopted the level of play on a football field in the small Emirate. We are hardly exaggerating.” The poor first period is also underlined. “They were unable to cross the halfway line against Canada, 41st in the Fifa rankings. A copy-paste of Qatar – Ecuador at the start of the tournament.”

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For Sudpresse, the success of the Devils is purely and simply “A miracle”. Belgium was “saved by Courtois and Batshuayi”. What you must remember? “The three points, nothing more.” On the front page, The future evokes a “robbery”. Below the photo of a smiling Batshuayi, we can read: “A copy to be seen again on Sunday against Morocco”.

On the other side of the linguistic border, same story. “Belgium goes through the small hole for its entry into the running in the World Cup”, summarizes in One, the daily From Morgan.


“The heart for Canada, the points for the Devils”, title Het Nieuwsblad on the first page of its internal notebook. “Belgium desperately need to play better (…) The Red Devils have been overwhelmed. Literally. The lightning-fast attackers were a blight on the sluggish Belgian defence. It’s really becoming a problem.”

“If we got out of it, it’s thanks to a man: Thibaut Courtois”, insists Het Laatste Nieuws who judges the performance of the Devils “abominable”. “It can only get better”. It’s already that.


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