A man in his fifties gets a 4-year suspended prison sentence for brutal rape under the influence of drugs

The judge grants the man a partial stay of probation. For example, he must undergo intensive counseling for his drug addiction. © MARC HERREMANS – MEDIA HOUSE


A man (52) from Oudsbergen gets 4 years in prison with half a deferment for a very aggressive rape. He himself could not remember the facts, despite the woman’s serious injuries.

Shauni Deferm

The facts took place on the night of 27 to 28 August 2019 in the woman’s apartment in Maaseik. The fifties and the victim had been friends for several years. According to the man, they even had a sexual relationship and often took cocaine together and regularly drank a lot of alcohol. The eve would also start this way, although the woman was not pleased with the fact that the man was at her door at first. In the end, they would have gone to the bedroom together to take drugs. Things quickly got out of hand there.

Serious injuries

Last month, the Tongeren judge read out the victim’s statements during the hearing of the case. In it she told how the man raged like a savage and raped her violently. According to the woman, he grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her onto the bed. To defend herself, she squeezed his genitals, causing the man to strangle her and pull the clothes off her body. Out of fear, the woman would let him go.

According to the judge, the injuries identified are clear. “She had bruises on her face, neck, chest, wrists, thighs and ankles. She had vaginal injuries and scratch marks on her neck and wrist.”

The man did not deny the facts, but stated that he could not remember anything about it. “She put something in my drink,” he said. “We agreed for sex. When I got to her she asked me to take a shower. Then I went to her bedroom. We sniffed a line there, but I don’t remember what happened afterwards.” The judge found this unbelievable, given the woman’s serious injuries, which were diagnosed by doctors at the hospital after the fact.

Punishment with delay

Based on the statements of the victim and the medical certificates, the fifty-year-old was found guilty of the facts. He was sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of 8,000 euros.

The defendant was examined by a court psychiatrist last year. He determined that the man has no sexual problems, but that the facts fit in with his egocentric personality. “He lacks empathy and has a very positive self-image,” the prosecutor said.

The judge therefore granted him a partial probationary extension of two years of the imposed prison sentence and 7,200 euros of the fine. He must undergo intensive counseling for his drug addiction. “The purpose of these probation conditions is to encourage the defendant to take a different turn in his life and to tackle his problems intensively,” the verdict said.

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