A man (54) of Belgian origin killed by his neighbor in Italy: Alessandro, 29, stabbed him before throwing his body in a river

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What happened this Thursday in Popoli, a small village in Pescara, Italy? This is the question that the Italian police will try to answer after the discovery of the lifeless body of Fulvio De Clerk, a 54-year-old man of Belgian origin. The victim was lying in a river, near a bloody wheelbarrow.

The village mayor’s brother-in-law made the macabre discovery while walking his dog this morning. According to several local media, the man was killed by Alessandro, his neighbor. The 29-year-old young man of Romanian origin allegedly stabbed the 50-year-old on several occasions, before transporting his body to the river.

Bloodstained clothes were found at Alessandro Chiarelli’s home. The latter also presented traces of struggle. An investigation is underway.

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