A major European IPTV network dismantled: users face fines of up to 100,000 euros!

Europol and the Spanish police have dismantled a vast European IPTV traffic, this Wednesday, November 16. 2,600 television channels and more than 23,000 films and series were offered by the pirate network, which had more than 500,000 users. A total of four people were arrested by police in Malaga, Andalusia.

What are consumers at risk? As the newspaper Le Soir specifies, the sanctions apply most of the time to IPTV intermediaries and not to users. However, they are at risk. First, a fine that can range from 500 to… 100,000 euros!

IPTV users also face prison sentences of up to five years in prison. Damages and interest may also be claimed from them by the rightful claimants.

Although illegal, IPTV is still popular around the world. Belgium is no exception to the phenomenon since thousands of people have already succumbed to the charms of the service which, as a reminder, allows you to enjoy a range of channels at very low prices via a box running Android that is connected to the television or via an application directly installed on a SmartTV.

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