A major change for Rollins! All this because of Nedved

“The freedom and lightness of being and enjoying something so minimalistic, just the two of you, is a truly exceptional phenomenon in my case,” she says with bliss Rollins. She also admitted that she eats Don’t know showed a whole new dimension of love. “The one I was missing in my heart. Plus, peace. Well done. The feeling that a real man is standing next to you. Successful, confident, respected. One to lean on. Which for me means being able to brake. Don’t solve, don’t go crazy, don’t be constantly on the alert,” he spares no compliments.

Dara Rollins: I celebrate Christmas in stages! The first will be with Matěj…

It is especially important for Dara how her new partner gets along with her daughter Laura. The singer previously revealed that they have a very special relationship. So it’s clear that in the summer they try to spend as much time as possible with the three of them! Because of this, Rollins also slowed down the work pace a bit. “Of course, during the holidays, everything will depend mainly on Laura and, now, on my boyfriend as well. In addition, there are a few performances that I have reduced to a minimum thanks to the time I want to spend mainly in their company.” she shared her plans.

Dara Rolins is already in Pavel Nedvěd’s family! How did his children receive her?

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