A magnificent plasma snake observed on the surface of the Sun

It’s a funny observation that the Solar Orbiter mission has just made (ESAESA, NasaNasa). September 5th. As the observation satellite approached our SunSun. Like a snake that slithered over the surface of our starstar !

A snake caught slipping on the surface of our Sun. The video is accelerated because in fact, this “tube” of cold plasma took about three hours to complete its course. © ESA, NASA, Solar Orbiter, EUI Team; Frederic Auchere, IAS

The researchers tell us that the snake in question is none other than a ” tube “ of cold plasma moving along a particularly long filament of our Sun’s magnetic field. Long and winding. Hence the changes in direction observed. All in the warmer plasma environment of theatmosphereatmosphere of our star. And at one speedspeed still some 170 kilometers per second.

The information useful to scientists is that this snake emerged from an active region which then produced a solar flare which ejected billions of tons of plasma into space. An ejection of massmasscoronal (CMECME), as they are called astronomersastronomers. One of the most intense events recorded so far by the energetic particle detector of Solar OrbiterSolar Orbiter , Besides. And, cherrycherryon the cake, the coronal mass ejection then swept away the Nasa mission Parker Solar Probe. Enough to collect even more data on the event.

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