"A lung problem, I can’t believe it for a second"… Michel Sardou causes great discomfort about Grégory Lemarchal …

To celebrate the 20 years of Star Academy as it should be, TF1 has relied on the broadcasting of three awards during which former candidates and teachers met to remember the good times. This Saturday, November 13, 2021, it is the students of seasons 3 and 4 who were honored during a third and final evening of memories. By relying on her progress, Elodie Frégé, the big winner of season 3, drew the wrath of viewers.

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Just before this sequence, they were able to attend a beautiful tribute to Grégory Lemarchal, the winner of season 4, who died in 2007 as a result of his long fight against cystic fibrosis. Very moved, Pascal Nègre did not fail to share his memories of the young man’s casting: “Me when I listen, but I am told ‘beware he has a health problem’, but I say it’s impossible. The guy can’t sing like that and have a problem with his lungs. I can’t believe it for a second …launched the former president of Universal on the set.

Chosen to join the adventure, Grégory Lemarchal multiplied the incredible performances and even captivated Michel Sardou during a bonus. Once again, it was Pascal Nègre who remembered this day: “Grégory begins to sing, he finishes his song and there is Sardou who gets up who says ‘my little one you won’ […] We all devastated … ‘But what does he say’ […] It kills the season ” he explained. And Michel Sardou had literally got it right since Grégroy Lemarchal won season 4 of Star Academy a few weeks after this prediction.

Eleanor de la Fontaine

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