A large Giacometti museum-school will open its doors in Paris in 2026

Alberto Giacometti in majesty. This Monday, the Giacometti Foundation announced the forthcoming creation of a new space dedicated to the Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) in the heart of Paris. A new place of 6000m2, located in the former Invalides station and the basements of the esplanade, which will combine exhibition space and school of creation.

The museum will present “permanently and in rotation a large part of the some 10,000 works by Giacometti collected by the foundation (plaster and bronze sculptures, paintings, drawings, decorative art objects) most of which are not currently accessible to the public”, indicated Catherine Grenier, director of the foundation created in 2003 in Paris by the widow of the artist, Annette Giacometti.

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It will also house “exhibitions of modern and contemporary art in connection with the spirit” of the Graubünden artist and a “non-professional creation school aimed at everyone, children and adults, experienced or novices”, a-t -she adds. By specifying in the pages from World: “There is a lack of training places for the visual arts in Paris: it is enough to compare with the conservatories of music and theater to measure the deficit“. In the sights of the Foundation, a global, educational and friendly experience, integrating a green courtyard, café, restaurants, bookstore and concept store.

The Institute redesigned

The Giacometti Institute, created in 2018 by the Alberto and Annette Giacometti Foundation and located in the 14th arrondissement of the capital, will remain in place but “its activities will be redesigned”, according to Ms Grenier. It currently houses Giacometti’s studio, measuring around twenty m2, which will be transferred to the future museum. Just like the archives of the Foundation and its library, made accessible to the public to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the creative process of the artist.

The building of the former Invalides station and its underground annexes, created for the Universal Exhibition of 1900, will be completely renovated as part of a program of the City of Paris. The architect Dominique Perrault, among others, will imagine the transformation of this site.

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