A jury of "MasterChef Celebrity 3" He disguised himself as a bear and annoyed the participants: Who was he?

It is clear that ” MasterChef Celebrity 3″ presents great difficulties for celebrities who participate in the competition. However, that does not prevent moments of fun in the recording studio and, many times, the juries are the protagonists of these moments.

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During the Wednesday night broadcast, the judges searched for a camping-themed test. From the beginning, they argued that they should prepare worthy of a vacation getaway. Given this, there were certain obstacles that the members of the reality show had that complicated them.

While the participants of the evening were in the final stage of their preparation, an unexpected appearance occurred. Donato de Santis He warned that there were “dangerous animals” in the study, although the cooks paid little attention to it. Suddenly, a person disguised as a bear attacked Tomás Fonzi by surprise, who did not hide the fear caused.

The funny thing is that it was a bear with glasses that began to interact with each of them. Some exchange of blows with the Tigress Acuña, a big hug with Mery del Cerro and even a ride by Juariu on the “animal”. The most controversial thing was that he chose to take the meat from the preparation he had Paulo kablan, who was surprised by the decision.

Finally, the bear reappeared at the back of the studio but this time without the full costume. Given this, it could be observed that who was under the enormous fur was Damián Betular, who had no problems entertaining the participants, which he judged minutes later. “I am ashamed of the bear. Today is a marginal day, between the carp and the bear, expressed true to form Charlotte Caniggia.

Check out Damien Betular dressed as a bear in “MasterChef Celebrity 3”!

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