A hidden crisis? Klus goes wild with the fans, Tamara suffers

Tamara is very active on her social networks. Therefore, when she announced that she would withdraw from them for a while, many of her fans were surprised. “My beloved community, I have decided to turn off all social media and spend the summer with my loved ones without a phone in my hand and in a constant and endless connection with virtual reality,” she wrote Trotting.

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She also mentioned that she does not feel well mentally and feels as if time has stopped. Isn’t it somehow related to her husband Tomáš? He is enjoying the summer in full swing and is covering one festival after another. Female fans do not spare him and fly into his arms. After all, they want to enjoy it after a longer covid break.

Is another marital crisis brewing? Klus was already unfaithful, maybe Tamara is worried that he will do it again.

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