A heat dome is setting in over France: what are the expected temperatures in Occitania?

It will be hot next week in the region. From Sunday, an anticyclone blocks hot air over France. What to expect in Occitania?

It’s summer before the hour this Saturday, May 14 in Occitania. And the temperatures will remain very high in the coming days in the regions and throughout France. In question, the presence of an important anticyclone which will remain on the hexagon and trap the currents of hot air which go up from the south, as detailed Futura Palnete.

A “heat dome” which sets in from Sunday

Some meteorologists even qualify as a “heat dome” the phenomenon which will set in from this Sunday, May 15 and for several days. It is characterized by temperatures close to seasonal maximums, over several consecutive days.

The Southwest should be the most affected territory, but Météo France is however announcing temperatures which will gradually rise in Occitania, locally reaching 31°C for the days of Tuesday and Wednesday.

There remains one criterion to take into account, that of humidity. Because this heat wave could be accompanied by a stormy phenomenon, mainly inland. Storms and rains that could drop the mercury, sometimes by several degrees, very locally.

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