A graduation to remember: teenager with a disability attends the dance with the most popular boy in his school

In countries like U.S The graduation dance to end the school stage is an immovable tradition that millions of adolescents in the country look forward to, which is prepared many months in advance by schools and the students themselves. For this reason, the history of a young woman with a disability who attended this event hand in hand with nothing more and nothing less than the most popular boy in the whole school.

For many adolescents in the North American country this is a social event that will mark a before and after in their lives, so for almost everyone it is crucial to enter the ballroom accompanied by a couple.

Brendan’s decision

Therefore, in the Fort Zumwalt West HIgh School de O’Fallon, Missouri, Brendan Ritchie, from 18 years, He is not only an athlete of this educational institution, he is also a member of the cross country team, an outstanding student, as one of the most attractive men of the same, being considered by many among the most “Popular” from school.

Despite what the clichés and stereotypes still prevailing had commanded, Ritchie He did not think of the most popular girl to be his companion, on the contrary, he had another criterion that many could consider atypical for this type of occasion: friendship.

Ellie’s story

Brendan remember that in his years at school many students met at the same table at lunchtime, where he made friends with several girls and boys, among whom is Ellie McCool, which suffers from Rett syndrome, that is, a fairly rare genetic neurological brain disorder that, in general, attacks girls, the same that affects the development of their brain, the nerves, producing not only motor disabilities, but also intellectual ones.

Mickie McCool, madre de EllieHe assured that his daughter grew up like any other child, especially in her first year, but, suddenly, everything began to change when she was 4 years old. According to what was stated to KSDK, when, suddenly, some parts of his body seemed “go out”, to later be diagnosed with Straight: “Still, she’s smart and fully involved.”.

At school, Ellie made great friends, which were by her side at the prom.  (Photo: Ellie McCool / Facebook)
At school, Ellie made great friends, which were by her side at the prom. (Photo: Ellie McCool / Facebook)

Loved by her friends

Ellie he did not wane in the joy of his character despite the fact that some parts of his body did not function; but nevertheless, as the years passed, the disease worsened and with it it was more difficult for him to express himself in a cerebral way.

At school, despite her affliction, because adolescents are not infrequently cruel, she managed to make good friends, including Nicole Orf, one of her best friends, who defines her as “smart”, “kind”, “affectionate”.

Ellie McCool: The One For Prom

Among this group of friends was Brendan Ritchie, who confessed that he had great appreciation for Ellie, so when he pondered his partner for the prom, he was convinced that the kindness, the courtesy of McCool they made her the right candidate.

Ellie dreamed her whole life to be able to attend the prom.  (Photo: KSDK News / YouTube)
Ellie dreamed her whole life to be able to attend the prom. (Photo: KSDK News / YouTube)

However, he wanted to make the request something special so, knowing that the favorite movie of Ellie are those of Iron Man, Brendan dressed up as the Marvel superhero and asked him the big question in a crowded coffee shop: Ellie You want to be my Iron Woman at the prom? “ said the sign the boy had written.

A dream come true

She, astonished, did not know if she was in the middle of a dream, but she soon realized that it was reality, because one of her greatest wishes was to attend the dance, for which the “yes” was immediate: “Every girl dreams of going on a prom date, so the fact that Ellie I also had one, it was incredible ”he said at the time Elizabeth Steiner, friend of the young woman.

Once the invitation was accepted, the operation of looking for the most beautiful dress for the girl began and, on the day of the event, all her friends with whom she shared a table at lunch were by her side: “She’s a really amazing girl and she deserves to go to prom with someone and I felt that if it was going to be someone, I would like it to be me.”, sentenced Brendan.

What are people with disabilities?

According to , people with disabilities are those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory deficiencies that, in interaction with various barriers, can hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.

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