"A goat’s voice" : Shakira violently criticized by her own friends when she sings!

If she has unleashed passions and bewitched millions of fans with her voice for several years, it was not won when she was still a teenager. Indeed, in college and high school, Shakira would probably never have imagined to know the success of today. In particular because of the derogatory remarks of his comrades and “friends” who compared his voice to that of a “goat”…

It is in a long interview, relayed by our colleagues from Raw, that the one who is now single and separated from Gerard Pique openly spoke about her childhood and the sticks that some people put in her way. It seems unthinkable, however, that Shakira’s relatives failed to detect the talent of the artist, even at her youngest age and yet…

Tackled by her friends, supported by her parents

“My friends at the time told me that I sang like a goat”, she remembers at first. The Colombian singer, although she seems to take these remarks as a joke today, nevertheless recognizes that it could be considered a form of harassment: “I think it was a form of passive harassment”. Fortunately, she managed to make sense of things and never really resented her “friends”. “But I rose above that. Our friendship continued, I remained friends with them. And I understood that I did not need to change to please them”she explains with a big smile.

But if Shakira has managed to overcome all of this, it is also and above all thanks to the support of her parents who have always believed in her. “My father and my mother helped me a lot for that too”she recognizes before adding: “They helped me appreciate my voice. Appreciate my talent. Eventually I kept my vibrato and it kind of became my signature.”. The interpreter of Waka-Waka also admits that as a child and teenager, she “didn’t trust” in her and that her parents helped her “to assert myself, and brought me their approval and thanks to them I was able to move forward”.

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