A Full Screen: the review dedicated to Italian cinema, streaming from 21 November

A Full Screen, the review dedicated to quality Italian cinema conceived by the Rete degli Spectatori, will arrive in streaming starting from 21 November 2022.

The eleventh edition of Full Screenthe online review dedicated to cinema independent Italian of quality by the Rete degli Spectatori and in collaboration with the www.cgtv.it platform of CG Entertainment, will begin on Monday 21 November.

This edition too will feature not only the best fiction cinema but also the world of documentaries, a way of making cinema that is avant-garde with respect to contemporary languages ​​and technologies. A Tutto Screen was born with the aim of intercepting a whole series of Italian titles that have had little tenure in theaters, due to mere market logic, or have currently only passed through the festival circuit, to give them a new life, a new viewing possibilities for a wider and more varied public now accustomed to new ways of viewing.

Thanks to the collaboration with CG TV, a platform that has always been attentive to independent Italian cinema and the best documentaries in circulation, A Tutto Screen will be able to enhance the selection of titles that will be visible in streaming and enriched with interviews and insights, to reach an audience that would otherwise not would never have had the chance and space to see them.

Furthermore, during the entire duration of the review, there will also be face-to-face events with special screenings in selected theaters throughout Italy, confirming the ON-OFF combination at the basis of the event. The review – available from 21 November at the link https://www.cgtv.it/atuttoschermo – is structured in three paths, one dedicated to the best Italian independent cinema and the other two to the world of documentaries.

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