A Freak Out: New Version Makes Shocking Change to Will Smith Series

There’s a shocking change in Bel-Air, a new version of Freak Out, that totally alters the perspective on an important point of the original series, with Will Smith.

In the original version of Freak Out, it’s established that the main character moves to Bel-Air, Los Angeles, after getting into a small fight on a basketball court. This is even told with good humor in the opening song of the series.

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A new trailer for Bel-Air takes a fresh take on the basketball court brawl, as highlighted by the Cheat Sheet. In the new version, a ball ends up hitting a guy who, angry, wants to start a fight.

But in a shocking twist, Will pulls a gun out of his backpack. It’s a far more serious situation than the humorously told story in the original version of Freak Out. This, however, should be just one of the big changes in Bel-Air, as the new series is geared towards drama rather than comedy.

Marvel Actor Was In A Freak Out And Fans Don’t Remember

Known for his role as War Machine at Marvel, Don Cheadle had a cameo in A Freak Out of the Hill. However, many fans seem to forget about this work of the actor.

A Freak in the Hill brought in Don Cheadle as a guest star, playing Ice Tray in a season one episode called “Friends, Always Friends.”

The main point of the episode is that Will is suffering from a strong homesickness and misses his old life in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He misses his friends, specifically Ice Tray, who Aunt Vivian brings to town to cheer Will up.

While this works well at first, Ice Tray soon falls in love with Hillary and they begin dating, much to Aunt Vivian and Uncle Phil’s chagrin.

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They disapprove of his carefree and undisciplined behavior, but Will stands up for his friend and attests that he is actually a responsible and selfless guy. This information alerts them to the error of their views before Ice Tray returns to Philadelphia.

A Crazy in the Piece had Will Smith as the protagonist and boosted the actor’s career from TV to film. Today, he is considered one of the biggest stars of his generation.

Don Cheadle has also had a great career since his participation in A Nutty in the Hill. In addition to playing War Machine at Marvel, he has had many other acclaimed projects.

Um Maluco no Pedaço was very successful on Brazilian TV thanks to SBT, among other channels. For many fans, it was their first contact with Will Smith.

A Freak in the Hill is now available on HBO Max.

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