A former investigator of the Dutroux affair wrote to the politicians to reopen the bis file: “I have all the proof of what I am saying”

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Aimé Bille never really let go of his bone. But the 25th anniversary of the White March commemorated last October 20, with parents still in search of the truth, gave it new impetus.

This Brussels BSR investigator, who worked for Judge Connerotte on the financial side and the X witnesses of the Dutroux affair, but also on the murder of the Champignonnière and the Di Rupo affair, asks the justice to reopen the bis file of the Dutroux affair (unexploited traces and X witnesses) and the policies of relaunching a new parliamentary commission of inquiry. Nothing less !

He admits to acting for “that the parents finally know the truth” and also “for his honor”. Because it should be known that he and his colleagues of the BSR were excluded from their investigations. Aimé Bille today accuses the high magistracy and the hierarchy of the gendarmerie of the time of having tried to push him to the fault in the Di Rupo file (completely cleared after false accusations of pedophilia, Editor’s note), to discredit him and remove it from the Dutroux file, where he was responsible with Patriek de Baets to hear the X witnesses. And it worked since in 1997, several months after the start of their investigations, de Baets, Bille and other gendarmes had were excluded from the investigation of Witness X. The proofreaders of their work concluded that there were biased hearings and false p.-v. The track of a pedophile ring around Nihoul was definitively ruled out… Bille and his colleagues were then cleared but that did not change anything at the time.

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>> Today, he publishes on Facebook quantity of legal documents, sometimes questioning: “I have all the proofs of what I put forward”

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