A fire rages in an apartment above a restaurant: a man trapped on his balcony, “help me, I can’t leave!”

A fire broke out on Monday around 8 p.m. in an apartment located above a restaurant in Kortrijk. A man, who was present in the building, found himself trapped. Unable to descend because of the raging flames, the latter took refuge on his balcony, where he asked for help. “Help me, I can’t leave!” he shouted.

Passers-by tried to help him with a ladder, but it was too short, HLN said. “A few men were taking turns climbing up but there was no way to reach the man on the balcony. The police were also helpless. Fortunately, we quickly heard the sirens of the firefighters, ”says the street barber to our Flemish colleagues.

Eventually, the victim was rescued by firefighters, who extinguished the fire. The man was intoxicated by the smoke and was therefore hospitalized. He escaped without any injuries.

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