"A fight": Katharina Eisenblut’s baby hardly drank

Katharina Eisenblut (28) talks about the consequences of premature birth. A few days ago, the former DSDS participant announced that her son saw the light of day. But the birth was anything but nice for her. First her amniotic sac burst in a furniture store, then little Emilio was born prematurely. Complications presented at birth Catherine also a major challenge when breastfeeding.

Like the 28-year-old opposite RTL reported that her son had an “increased level of jaundice” as a result of the premature delivery. As a result, her offspring slept a lot at first. “Which led to the problem that he wasn’t drinking. I wanted to breastfeed. It was a struggle.”explained Catherine. And when she finally managed to get him to drink, it was slow going. The singer said that’s why she started pumping and “feeding him up”.

In the meantime, the new mom and her offspring have been allowed to leave the hospital. How sweet Catherine was received when she returned home by the little one’s father, her partner Niko Kronenbitter, she showed with clips Instagram. Touched, she wrote: “Love, love, love! We are overwhelmed by our feelings.”

Instagram / katharina_eisenblut_official

Katharina Eisenblut, former DSDS candidate

Instagram / katharina_eisenblut_official

Katharina Eisenblut and her Niko

Instagram / katharina_eisenblut_official

Katharina Eisenblut, influencer

Would you have thought that Katharina would talk so openly about her premature birth?

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