A few days before the final of "Dance with the stars", one of the show’s dancers makes a huge update!

The denouement of season eleven of Dance with the stars fast approaching! Friday November 26, 2021, the last three couples of the show will compete on the floor of TF1… And if the viewers seem little surprised to find the singers Bilal Hassani and Tayc in the final, the surprise is much greater for the YouTuber Michou. A novice in dance, the 20-year-old young man has nevertheless been growing steadily since the start of the program! Efforts that her partner Elsa Blois made a point of underlining when she was questioned by our colleagues from TV-Leisure !

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“Michou may not be the best dancer, compared to Dita Von Teese for example, but he is the only quarter-finals that started from nothing”, pointed out the pro dancer. “He’s the one who has the most progress, and that’s also what we’re looking for on DALS. We take someone who doesn’t know how to dance and we take them to perform. On this point, Michou succeeded in the mission of the show. And just for that, it largely deserves its place ”, said the young woman.

Regarding the haters who claim that Michou no longer has a place in the program, Elsa Bois believes that if they are not experts in dance, they simply do not have a say! “ Often people who criticize have never done a dance in their life. They don’t really realize what is right and wrong ”, she explained! Words that will undoubtedly reassure her partner Michou with whom she displays a nice bonus bond as a bonus!

Lisa Ziane

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