‘A Fazenda’: Deolane fights live with André and scares Adriane Galisteu before winning Prova do Fazendeiro

Deolane says that the group is harassed when celebrating victory in the Farmer’s Test

Deolane got rid of Roça and became the program’s third female Farmer. Former ally of Tiago Ramos, a model who is still trying to return to the reality show, Deolane celebrated the victory alongside her allies when she returned to the program’s headquarters.

🇧🇷God is too fair!“, shouted Deolane. “I knew it!”, celebrated Moranguinho. For Galisteu, the lawyer, who was almost removed from the program by her mother, told how she felt. “It was a very important moment🇧🇷 Halfway through the game, when I saw that difference [para os outros participantes] it was too big, I started to get emotional. But always keeping a firm footing, afraid to think it was already won“, said Deolane.

“O my group has been very hostile for our simplicity🇧🇷 People talk a lot about what I have out there, but they forget what I go through in here”, he continued.

“I’m all insect bites, I gave up a lot of things, not like what i like so i live it here🇧🇷 And I’m taxed Not to mention that I’m living a dream🇧🇷 But let’s go, another solid week”, he added.

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