‘A Fazenda 14’: Record TV responds to the assumption that a former homeless person will be on the reality show. Look!

The Farm 14” hasn’t started yet, but speculation about the season’s cast continues to grow. The latest name to join the list was Givaldo AlvesThe ex-homeless who won the media when he got involved in a scandal with the wife of a personal trainer in Brasília.

Faced with speculation about the participation of Givaldo, who was even invited to cabins at Sapucaí during Carnival, the program’s director, Rodrigo Carelli, decided to speak out. “We didn’t even probe [ninguém para o elenco]. We haven’t called anyone to ‘The Farm’ yet. We are still closing the casting for ‘Ilha'”, explained the director in conversation with Leo Dias’ column, from the portal “Metrópoles”.

To complete, Record would have issued a note saying “there is no possibility” of the invitation being made. The broadcaster ruled out inviting Givaldo to the reality show now or even in a few months, when, according to Solange Gomes, the polls begin.

Carelli, with the statement about “Ilha Record”, a program that will be led by Mariana Rios, confirmed that the station is concerned with keeping everything on schedule for now, since the rural reality will only come in September and the urgency at the moment is related to “Island”.

‘A Fazenda 2022’: list of listed includes 5 ex-BBBs and Deolane Bezerra


Although he spoke out to deny the participation of Givaldo Alves in the reality, the denials did not materialize when other names emerged, such as Deolane Bezerra, who even sent a message to followers asking her for money.

Other celebrities also did not have their names discarded, such as the two former BBBs 21 Kerline Cardoso and Arthur Picoli, as well as other former participants of the global reality: Angélica, who participated in “No Limite”, Natália Dedodato and Anamara. Ivy Moraes, who even made the list, is actually part of the cast of “Power Couple”, currently on the air.

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