‘A Fazenda 13’: poll shows Bil Araújo as the most voted. Know who stays!

The poll of “The Farm 13” indicates that Dayane Mello should leave with just 16.77% of the votes to continue in the competition. Bil is the most indicated to stay, with about 60% (62.87%) of the votes fluctuating throughout the day, while Gui Araújo has 20.36% and is in fierce dispute with the model in the tenth farm. The total is almost 32 thousand voters so far.

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The information is from the “Uol” website, as usual, after the Farmer’s Test, which, this Wednesday (25th), consecrated MC Gui, indicated by the previous farmer, Rico Melquiades, as holder of the hat and advantages of the title.

Rico stopped nominating Dynho precisely for fear that the funkeiro would return to a farmer and take revenge on him next week, in the top 10. It is worth remembering that, in his last farm, Dayane Mello was nominated in polls as most likely to leave, but ended up in the reality show , which prompted fans to point out manipulation.

Previous poll that found Dayane eliminated from ‘The Farm 13’ was wrong

Day starred in the first time a poll about who leaves “A Fazenda 13”, the 2021 edition, was wrong.

At the time, Adriane Galisteu even commented on the partial results of the online voting in her Instagram stories, which fans pointed out as a possible reason for the turnaround that led to Tiago Piquilo being eliminated.

The countryman, however, was calm about his participation in the program and revealed that what saddened him most was the fact that he learned, at the time he was eliminated, that Marília Mendonça had died that week.

Rico shoots Dayane: ‘Let’s get Karol Conká out of ‘The Farm”

At dawn on this Thursday (25), after handing the farmer’s hat to MC Gui, Rico Melquiades fired a shot at Dayane Mello, his declared enemy. The comedian appointed as the protagonist of the edition asked for Brazil to remove the model.

“Dog snake is in the field, folks. Let’s get the canine snake out because its energy is weighing on it and on everyone,” shouted Rico, hovering around Day between the living room and the kitchen, even climbing on the table to give his screams to the audience .

“Her energy is weighing on her and everyone else. Let’s take Karol Conká out of ‘The Farm,'” he fired, once again comparing the model with the “BBB 21” participant, who was controversial and came out with the greatest rejection of the history of the Globo program.

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Outrageous, Rico even apologized to the rapper on the competitor’s show, saying that Dayane was worse than her. “Karol Conká, sorry, it’s an offense for you to compare you to this girl,” he said.

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